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Predict and reduce customer churn.
Retain high-value clients.
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Boost customer engagement

Stay updated on how each of your clients is performing.

Track engagement metrics and spot trends to gain immediate insights into customer behaviour.

Zero in on high-value customers or any other parameter that matters to you thanks to flexible segmentation options. - Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Get a bird's-eye view of your customer fit and engagement levels, all neatly visualized in a scoring matrix.

Quickly identify customers requiring attention versus those you can safely deprioritize.

Dig deeper with granular data to uncover invaluable insights on customer attributes. - Understand customers churn

Understand customers churn

No one likes saying goodbye.

But if some of your customers do part ways, our churn insights offer you a chance to understand why.

Get the insights you need to continually refine your retention strategies and identify opportunities for product improvement.

Powerful Features
You’ll Love

Customer scoring

It's always about having the right data. Our specialized scoring model combines fit and engagement metrics to help you zero in on your most valuable clients. Easily prioritize customer outreach and tailor your retention strategies with this indispensable tool.


Two heads are better than one. From the start we’ve designed our product to make team collaboration seamless. Assign owners to customers or jot down notes to keep everyone in the loop.

Customer segmentation

Stay in control and tailor your focus to the most vital customers. Our system allows for segmentation based on diverse criteria like size, revenue, and industry. Fine-tune your business strategies using customer attributes that matter most.

Seamless UX

Our platform is designed to offer you straightforward insights into customer behavior. With intuitive charts showing clear trends and insightful heatmaps identifying points of waning interest, we ensure the data you receive is both impactful and easy to grasp. - Schedule your personalized demo
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